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Displaying Images
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The Advanced TIFF Editor can display a variety of image files, both single page and multipage images.
When viewing images, there are a variety of options available to control how the image is displayed.


Fit Page Width
Scales the image to fit to the width of the viewing screen.

Fit Page Height
Scales the image to fit to the height of the viewing screen.

Best Fit
Scales the image that the entire image fits into the viewing window.

Actual Size
Displays the image without any scaling factors, using the actual size of the image.

View modes:
a - Page and Thumbnails
b - Page only
c - Thumbnails only

Files list
Show the files list panel

Magnify layers (rectangle or like a lens/glass).

This allows the user to hold the image with the mouse and move the image around by clicking on the image and dragging the mouse in the direction they wish to move.

Display Grid
When Display Grid is marked and the Zoom is equal to or greater than 400, a grid is drawn. Each grid box is equivalent to a bitmap pixel.

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