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Saving Files
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The Advanced TIFF Editor can be used to save images which have been modified, save images from one compression type to another, and also to change images from one file format to another (TIFF to JPEG, for example).

Saving changes to an image file

Changes made to an image file can be saved using the File - Save As/Export menu item.

Press Advanced... button to set advanced options.
Depending on the image format, a dialog box will be displayed prompting for format specific details.

Saving a TIFF file to use a different compression

Changing the compression for a TIFF file is easy using the Advanced TIFF Editor.
Simply use the Save As/Export feature of the Advanced TIFF Editor and press Advanced... button, which will bring up the following window:

The compression method to be used can be specified in the Compression section of the above window.
Once you have made your selections, press OK to save the file with the new settings.

Saving an image file as a different image format

The Advanced TIFF Editor can be used to convert images from one file format to another.
In order to convert files to a different file format, use the Save As/Export menu item from the File menu:

Select the desired file format type from the Save as type drop down box.
Navigate to the desired folder, select file and then press Save, or type a new filename to be created.

If you specify an existing file, you will see the following window:

Press No to select a different file or filename, press Yes to save to the selected file.

Depending on the file type selected, you will have to specify additional details in a Advanced dialog box

Saving a single page from the multipage file as a image file

Select the requested page and use the Export|Save Page menu item from the File menu.

Save settings ...

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