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You can place the toolbar to Top, Left or Right side.

Selection Mode

Press the Selection tool button.
You can select a rectangular area. Click and move mouse to select the rectangle.
(Click (and hold) the left mouse button and drag to select requested area.
When you are finished selecting, release the left mouse button.)
SHIFT key allows selection of multiple regions. Simultaneously pressing ALT causes the selection to maintain its aspect ratio.

Erase Mode

Press the Eraser Tools button on the toolbar.
You can select a color, shape and size of the Eraser.

Text Mode

Press the Text button on the toolbar.
You can select a font, size, style and string of the Text.

Draw mode

Annotation Mode
Annotation allows users to add notes, lines, highlight, etc. to images, whether they were received as faxes,
acquired through a scanner or digital camera, or some other method.

Measure Mode
There are various Measure tools available for drawing and image files under the Measure menu.

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