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(February 20 2018)

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Press Release

Graphic-Region Development Announces its All-Round Multipage TIFF Editor

The new Advanced TIFF Editor Plus 4.0 announced by Graphic-Region Development is a versatile TIFF manipulation tool capable of processing multiple graphic files, and even large ones. The product enables viewing, editing and managing postscript formats, including TIFF and PDF, as well as performing OCR, interformat conversions and more.

Scanning documents, deskewing and fixing glitches, adding remarks and annotations as well as arranging scanned images across multiple files are common tasks a user faces with when needing to convert a set of documents to electronic format. A standard set of scanning and image processing applications usually do the job, but the time required for this operation, and most importantly, the cost of this solution, can be very disappointing.

Advanced TIFF Editor Plus, recently released by Graphic-Region Development, combines virtually anything an average customer may require from a TIFF editing tool. Supporting multiple PostScript document formats, including PDF, EPS, AI and various versions of TIFF, the tool offers a rich set of image processing functions: it can scan hundreds of paper documents and merge them together into a single TIFF file; it allows the adding of text comments, cropping or deskewing images, drawing custom graphics, splitting or combining documents. Thanks to the wide range of retouch tools, Advanced TIFF Editor Plus also can remove image noise, perform gamma correction, or apply various effects.

The unique feature of the program is smooth and effortless work with multi-page documents and documents of extremely large size. And due to built-in batch processing, this versatile program can be a huge time and money-saver whenever a user needs to handle a large volume of files or scanned pages.

“Advanced TIFF Editor works faster, does more and performs better than many overpriced similar products,” summarizes Vyacheslav Burlakov, CEO of Graphic-Region Development.

Pricing and availability

Advanced TIFF Editor Plus is available for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7. The cost for a personal license is $49, a business license is $79, and a site license is available for $1200. Advanced TIFF Editor Plus is a more capable cousin of the Advanced TIFF Editor. The key difference between the products is the support for very large multipage files for the new product.


Graphic-Region Development has operated on the market since 1997 and focuses on graphic and multimedia software development. Products offered by the company include Advanced TIFF Editor, Able Batch Converter, Able Photo Slide Show and others.


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Name: Vyacheslav Burlakov
Company: Graphic-Region Development



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