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Advanced Tiff Editor

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Advanced Multipage TIFF (TIF) Editor
Advanced TIFF Editor

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FAX and TIF Annotations

    Advanced TIFF Editor allows to edit  Wang or Kodak imaging annotations.



  • Wang and Kodak Imaging (also known as Imaging for Windows) compatible
  • Highlight region, image, ruler, polyline
  • Line, circle, ellipse, text, sticky note, and freehand drawing
  • Angle, memo, Date/Time
  • Text rubber and image stamps
  • Stamp annotation properties manager
  • Merge on image permanently
  • Measurement Units
  • Annotation search in the files.
  • Object antialiasing
  • Moving and resizing of the inserted images.
  • Annotation info on thumbnails.
  • Printing with annotations.
  • Zoom filter for annotations.

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