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Press Release

March 23, 2006

Contact: Vyacheslav Burlakov
Company: Graphic-Region Development
Title: Chief Executive Officer

Advanced TIFF Editor: Your Work With FAXes and TIFFs Becomes Remarkably Simple!

Advanced TIFF Editor offers a complete set of means to work with multipage FAXes and TIFF files

Graphic-Region Development announces today the release of Advanced TIFF Editor. This is an entire workshop for viewing, editing, printing, drawing, saving and converting FAXes and TIFFs. Working with your documents will turn into a pleasant and time-saving process, though it used to be bulky and rather tiring. The structure and menu of Advanced TIFF Editor are neatly organized, so that it will not require a scientist to make out how the program works. It goes without saying Advanced TIFF Editor supports all kinds of FAX images, multipage FAX and multipage TIFF images (rev.6.0, Packbits, LZW, CCITT G.3 and G.4) with RGB, CMYK, B/W, animated GIF and Multipage PCX (DCX). Besides, FAX (CCITT3), G3F and G3N (Zetafax) formats are supported for loading.

Advanced TIFF Editor is fitted out with various instruments for detailed documents processing.
It offers you zooming and navigating options, broad rotating opportunities (including horizontal and vertical flip). In addition to these essential options, you have a great number of graphic tools at your service: image clearing (removing noise and isolated pixels), image deskewing (correcting images that were skewed from fax transmission, scanning, etc), image converting (to 24 bit, to gray, to black and white), color adjust, special effects, negative image, etc.
Apart from this, special attention should be paid to annotation tools, which provide for date/time annotation, rubber stamp annotation, stamp annotation properties manager,
measurement units, annotation search in your documents.

Advanced TIFF Editor allows you to open a multitude of formats: JPG, PCX, BMP, ICO, CUR, PNG, WMF, EMF, TGA, PXM, WBMP, JP2, J2K, DCX and CRW. These formats can be easily converted by the program into dozens of others. The benefits of Advanced TIFF Editor extend further, and include a batch processing and thumbnail size editing.

"I highly recommend this excellent product to anybody who creates a lot of .Tif documents," says Roy Wegen, one of the customers. "It really saves considerable time when you don't have to constantly process the same batch of document to get a complete scan without skipped pages or jams."

Advanced TIFF Editor Features at a Glance:
- A variety of input/output image file formats;
- Handy print functions;
- Wide opportunities for image processing;
- A complete set of annotation tools;
- Full customer support.

Pricing and Availability
Advanced TIFF Editor runs under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and costs $49 (USD)
- personal license, $79 (USD) - business license and $799 (USD) - site
license. A 30-day fully functional evaluation version of the program is
available as a free download at (3.13 Mb)

About Graphic-Region Development
Graphic-Region Development is an information technology company based in Vancouver,
Canada. Founded in 1997, the company specializes in the development of
graphics managing software for the Windows platforms.  For more information about
the company and products, visit

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Product page URL
Download link: (3.13 Mb)

Pacific Business Centre, c/o Graphic-Region, #101 - 1001 W. Broadway,
Suite 381, Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4, Canada
FAX: 206-984-3919



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