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Kevin Phillips

WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I tried numerous other products before stumbling upon Advanced Tif Editor several years ago. It didn't take long to figure out it was perfect for our needs so we purchased a site license for the standard product. However, over the years, our scan sizes have increased significantly and many are 100, 150, 200+ pages. The standard version just can't handle that size of a file and we began getting errors frequently. So, today I tried out the personal version of the PLUS product and it worked very well. It has some issues such as hangs or taking way too long for sending a large file via email or saving a copy of the file to the desktop. But, those are not deal breakers (but I would love to see the performance improved in these areas to make the product more usable). We will get around these issues by printing to PDF instead.

The end result was my evaluation of the PLUS product only took half an hour and so we purchased the site license for the PLUS version a few minutes ago.

Thanks for the great product and the PERFECT customization and security options. Yours is the ONLY product on the market which has the full range of control features. It's perfect for our needs.

Jan Leijenhorst

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus for? How does it help you?

Editing existing scanned technical drawings

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

To edit large multipage files.

Juliana Harris

We are using this program to edit our sanitary sewer maps. Our sewer maps are scanned and are TIF files. We needed to add notes and circles to the maps.

Rob Bradshaw

This is how I use your excellent software:

Dianne Melzer

What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for?

Converting many single page PDFs to TIFF at one time.

How does it help you?

I can set the options so that it does not put a _ or a pagexx to the end of the file names.

Marty Zinck

In my work i am a floater, never on the same job, or at the same facility for long and each job, for each customer has a separate worksheet.

I scan and print my worksheets at home to save time driving out to the shop each day for a different piece of paper.
This app is only to replace Microsoft Tiff Editor as it is not included in the newer versions.

I use only text annotations to avoid repetitive writing on my worksheet. I save and print worksheets as needed and only go into the office to hand them in at the end of the week. That is pretty much all i use it for.

The most interesting feature is that there are so many of them. I would have bought a simpler program but they are too hard to personalize for my needs, which are basic.

Günter Schramm

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

I use Canon MX925 for scanning. If I need to set contrast, brightness etc. manually, each page is a separated JPG-File. For merging this files to one file and to change JPG to PDF, I use the Advanced TIFF Editor.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Merging of existing files and format transfer of them.

3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor?

For almost 20 years I used a HP Officejet for scanning. It generated DCX files with more than 1 page. As this HP Officejet was defect, the new Canon scanner didn’t use DCX . As I changed from Windows 98 to Windows XP, the HP tools for DCX handling couldn’t be migrated.

The only SW I could find for my use case – with acceptable price - for reading DCX files with more than 1 page and converting them to JPG, TIF or PDF was Advanced TIFF Editor.

Brian Groom

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

I am doing a Pro Se' court case, and I need the program because I have to be able to read some social security files that have been put into TIFF format. My old Office Document Reader can read them, but it's not as functional as it seems yours is, and it gives me fits when it comes to scanning in papers. Your program seems to do just fine. Other than that, when I am done, I may see what all your program can do or if I can use it for other things that may come my way. Pro Se' means I am representing myself, so this is personal and not work related.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Haven't got that far yet, but glad it works with my scanner.

Joel Lackey

We use this program for editing and manipulating both tif and pdf files.
There is no one particular feature but it seems to be very versatile overall.

Albert D.

I use the program to scan and cleanup piano sheet music. Run it through a music recognition program (Smartscore) , then playback, edit, & Print through a music notation program Finale.

The most interesting feature: The ease in scanning and cleanup including skew correction.

Rich Mellott

Used mainly for Scanned Drawings / to update & clean up / archive

The most interesting feature: Adding Lines / text

Ruth-Linda Rober

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

We used TIFF Editor to save, review and highlight findings during medical record reviews. It allows users to highlight findings.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Once a record is annotated(if performed correctly), it is easy to select those pages from thumbnails, rather than having a second user scroll through the entire document

Gilles Seemann

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

Merging and Editing single page TIF and PDF files into one multi-pages file

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Multi-formats support

David V Gamache

1 - I use it to edit multi page TIFF files of large music scores. I originally was using A much more expensive program called Smartscore but it is a buggy package
That crashes on large multi page files. I find a lot of public domain music PDF Files on Scribed but they need cropping and deskewing. I convert to b/w Tiff and then use Advanced Tiff to crop and/or deskew the music.

2 - Multi page tiff editing and cropping - I especially like the way to remembers How last page was copped and saves it to reuse on next page. So Much faster for cropping that SmartScore X. Also the deskewing works great.

Terrie Braun

I use it for cleaning up (i.e. cropping, straightening, and removing specks) on scans of figures. These figures are black and white drawings. I did this a lot while I was writing an engineering book. The speck remover is the best feature for me, that I have not seen elsewhere. I also treasure the feature that the software can read in various kinds of files and save various kinds of files. The software is just fine for me.


1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

Convert PDF files into TIFF.
Edit TIFF... add text, erase lines, relocate / move images.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Selecting images to copy and paste into Adobe pro after editing them in TIFF format.

Dan Swinehart

I've been using it since 2008. I use it to manage a large collection of scanned music pages, for the most part. However, the enhanced capabilities for managing and editing pdf files as well may make it more valuable -- that's something I need to explore further.

Virtually all of my activities involve images that will eventually be rendered on standard letter-sized pages. The capability to realize that there is a fixed-size canvas that will not change is important. Your system does not quite do that (e.g., crop causes the background to disappear, not simply be replaced by a clear background, but the canvas size option with its placement parameters permits one to undo the "damage"). Overall, I have been impressed by the straightforwardness of most actions.

Given Adobe's reluctance to support a wide range of intra-page editing capabilities, your system takes on even a more important role. Thanks for making it available.

The only improvement I needed was added sometime in 2011 or 2012 (adding Canvas size to the batch options.) This caused me to upgrade, and in the process gain access to all your other improvements.

Christina Degens-Kupp

1) processing song scores

2) the ability to open and convert PDF files, and to eliminate noise

Ajay Thomas

I use it:

a. To view and annotate Invoices and PO's
b. To Crop and Edit portions of Images
c. Convert Images to Editable Text in Batch Mode
d. To convert images to different formats

 Overall very useful and good value for money kind of Application/GUI. Also your Support Guy V*** rocks !

Overall well done GUI and good selection of Tools and features.

George Steeves

I will be using your program primarily to catalogue our former Pastor's notes.He is now retired and having worked assisting him for almost 40 years I am not far behind.

Some are hand written these I will just clean up and compile in PDF's. These are mostly for sentimental purposes. Probably no one will ever look at them but it seems a shame to just throw them away.

Some are notes he used to teach our young ministers class which I am going to try put into some sort of usable format in hopes that those following in his steps will find a use for them.

I used this program on my home computer back when it still belonged to Kodak and then a later version of this program to clean up dirty faxes. Sometimes the faxes came in so bad you could hardly read them for all the "noise" (I think that is the proper terminology). Part of my job was to pretty them up before I passed them on. So you would receive the fax, scan it, clean it and then print it. (does anyone still use faxes anymore?)

Albert D.

I use it in conjunction with two music programs (SmartScore and Finale). I use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus (ATEP) to scan & then clean up sheet music images. SmartScore also has this feature, but (ATEP) is easier and does a better job. Next Smart Score "recognizes", usually imperfectly, the Tiff Image as music. Finally I import the "recognized" file into Finale. Here I make sure that all of the notes, pitch, timing etc. are correct. I can then assign various voices to the parts: Clarinet for the melody, saxophone for harmony etc. Arrange it, transpose it, change the tempo. etc.

The most interesting feature: The ease with which I can scan and cleanup the image.

Christina D.

I use the software to clean musical scores.
The most interesting feature are erasing, removing noise, rotating, resizing.

Dale A. Brueggemann

> What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus for? How does it help you?

I use it for scanning journal articles and essays from books; it's the greatest thing I know of for producing clean copies from bound materials without the shadow of the gutter, mess in the borders, and so forth. Even though I use Adobe Acrobat Pro a lot, I still prefer TIFF editor for bound work.

> 3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor Plus?

Learned of it from Rob Bradshaw, who scans thousands of articles for his biblical and theological research sites, which have their main portal here --

International organization

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus for? How does it help you?

We are publishing every year a large number of treaties in image format (scanned).
All these tiff images have to be processed, cropped, cleaned, annotated, etc.

Advanced TIFF Editor is an essential tool for this process.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Auto crop, very good noise removal. All annotation features and page manipulations are very useful too.

Christina Degens-Kupp

I am using the program to clean music scores for archiving purposes, so the ability to deskew images without getting a staircase effect is very important. The most interesting feature is being able to manipulate images.

John Emhof

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus for? How does it help you?

We are a scanning service bureau and need to edit and quality control some jobs that produce TIFF output.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Robust editing options!

Albert Deets

Before answering your questions I want to say that I had several questions answered by your technical staff. The representative I dealt with was Viacheslav Burlakov. He had the requisite patience and technical expertise. It was the information that he provided that made me decide to purchase Advanced TIFF Editor Plus.

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor Plus for? How does it help you?

I have a music notation program. It has an import feature. The process begins with a piece of scanned sheet music, which is then "recognized" as music. The "recognized" piece is then imported into the notation program for cleanup, editing, and arranging.

I like the image editing features. The cleaner the TIFF image the less error correction I have to do at the other end. Frequently the initial scans need cleanup around the edges. I start with a vertical block delete to clear the left edge up to the musical score. The detail work around the left edge (clefs and key signatures) usually takes longer. Where the scan is too dirty in and around the treble/bass clefs and key signature I do another vertical block delete to cut out the dirty section. Rather than free hand new ones, I discovered that Advanced TIFF Editor will let me copy a clean clef/signature anywhere else in the piece, paste and drag it into position where the dirty one was. The "recognition" program was getting way too creative with my previous scans.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

For me it is the image editing features and ability to use music fonts imported into windows. I am going to experiment with pasting in Treble Clefs etc. from a Font character set.

Rod Fenwick

I use it mainly for tidying up scanned sheet music. I play guitar for a choir and am often handed very old, tatty sheet music, often in the wrong key. I scan it, tidy up the scanned image with TIFF Edit then feed that “clean” image into the music OCR program.

Clint Strain

I have found your software to be extremely valuable in modifying PDF files.
Unlike other editing software that I have tried, Advanced TIFF Editor Plus gives me the ability to add/modify text for any font on my system as well as rotate the text to any desired angle. I primarily use it to modify engineering design drawings that will then be inserted into AutoCAD drawings.

Richard H. Cheatham

My name is Richard H. Cheatham and I want to thank you for adding the printing collation feature to “Advanced TIFF Editor”. My wife is a school teacher and she scans/collates/prints a lot of documents for her various classes. I am also in the process of archiving a very large number (> 15,000) of electronic service manuals. I am a retired IT manager who specialized in the design, implementation and management of enterprise imaging systems. Having had over fifteen years of experience with different software packages dealing with the acquisition, indexing, routing/work flow and archiving of millions of documents (my most recent system had ~ 42,000,000 documents in it when I retired), I have to tell you that yours is the most comprehensive set of image acquisition and editing tools that I have ever seen, particularly under one roof.

Inasmuch as I have almost always had software given to me, having been “in the business”, I have to tell you that I am honored to pay for your product because it is just that damned good. My next act after sending this e-mail to you will be to purchase you program.

Please keep up the good work and know that I will be touting your program to a number of integrators that I have worked with. Hopefully, they will want to get together with you to license all, or part, of your program to be a part of a very robust front-end for their commercial imaging solutions. If I can be of any service or help to you regarding future upgrades and features, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for all of your great work!!

Roy Wegen

    I make Tif files at year end for all my financial documents such as broker statements, bank statements, federal and state tax coies, and credit card statements. The .Tif file format is great for this purpose because you can store a number of pages within one .Tif file. For example, if I have 12 monthly statements of 4 pages each I can get all 48 pages in one .Tif file.

    I use another program (MrBills) to create the .Tif files using a scanner with an automatic document feeder. I usually feed the bottom edges of the source documents into the scanner to prevent jams since the top edges are usually bent from usage with minor tears caused by removing the staples.

    The major problem in this process is the automatic document feeder (the scanner is only 4 months old) which ofter time skips pages which I can read again and append to the end of the .Tif file.

    When I complete this process I use Advanced TIFF Editor User Review to perform the final edit which includes:
1) Rotating pages from bottom to top, since I feed them from the bottom edge.
2) Moving pages to get them in the proper page order, for any appended pages that were skipped on the first pass.
3) Deleting blank pages, when the source documents are printed on both sides and the last page of a monthly statement is blank.

    Advanced TIFF Editor User Review was the only product I found that would perform the above functions, plus a lot of other useful functions I am just beginning to explore. In addition, the tech support is great and extremely prompt. All in all I highly recommend this excellent product to anybody you creates a lot of .Tif documents. It really saves considerable time when you don't have to constantly process the same batch of document to get a complete scan without skipped pages or jams.

Chad DeSmet

I am using Advanced TIFF Editor for scanned church newsletters. ATE helps me split the two page scans into single page and delete the address/etc. that we don't want on the final image

Martin (Houston, TX, USA)

    Advanced TIFF Editor is a relatively small and very cost effective and efficient program for viewing and editing fax and TIFF files.

    Before I came across this program I was using regular and expensive photo imaging software which did the job but was cumbersome and difficult to use.

    Advanced TIFF Editor program has unique and time saving features such as de-skewing, noise and random pixel removal (despeckle) and autocropping. Editing tools permit erasing, text addition/deletion, picture pasting etc and there are graphics editing features normally found in typical graphics software such as image resizing, filters, convert to negative etc etc. 
    Advanced TIFF Editor is easy to work with and the thumbnail layout of a multipage TIFF file makes it very easy to review, select and work on individual pages. I had one or two small problems with the program and the developers were very quick to respond and fix them - customer support is excellent.

John van den Bogert

    I use Advanced Tiff Editor to view and manipulate all Adobe files, eps, ai pdf
There isn't a other program for this price to do this.

Fred Thompson

This is a useful program. We are a land surveying office. We are currently in the process of scanning 30+ years of property plats, and the software that came with the scanner is not really suited for what we need to do.

Kevin Mullen

I use Advanced TIFF Editor for touching up paper documents that I have fed into my scanner. It allows me to deskew, crop bits of the edge, despeckle, remove extraneous information such as advertisements from magazine articles, and generally get the image looking good, rather than like a crumpled photocopy.

Ken Colburn

I use the program on newspaper scans, I have thousands of them!
The program is very easy to use, I can crop, straighten and remove unwanted pixels
For my purposes it's perfect

Aaron Jagt

I'd like to say thank you for creating the advanced tiff editor, it's by far the best tiff software of any that I have tried.

Charles Caudle

I am using scanned sheet music (multi-page tif files) to be recognized by electronic music programs. Unfortunately, some of the various things on the page contribute to problems when read by the electronic music software. I have been searching for an image editor that would let me easily erase things on a multi-page tiff file. I first looked at Corel Paintshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements, and if they can edit multi-page tif files, they are doing a fine job of hiding it. After searching for multipage tif editor on google, I found your program. After trying the demo, it is perfect for the job. Thanks very much!

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor?  


Bill Sax

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

I send and receive faxes on an old (slow) XP computer that's a print server, for a network printer, and also receives faxes, which leaves my real computer available to pick up and leave without having to disconnect the printer. I don't receive or send a lot of faxes but I need a good software package when I do. I've always used the old Kodak imaging software (Windows 95?) to read and edit those files. I learned to make it work in every version of Windows up
until 7.

When I need to make changes to a PDF document, I will print it to the Windows fax and then view, edit and save the TIFF file without sending it. I then use a PDF print driver (Fine Print) that I print the file to, which works pretty well while maintaining a decent enough quality. If I need to refax the revised document, there is no real loss in quality. The neat TIFF printer than came with you program will shortcut the process of creating the TIFF file in the first place.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

The TIFF printer to create a TIFF file from any document. I also like the crop feature. With Kodak Imaging, I could change the size of the page and it would crop the document. I was working on how Multi-Page TIFF Editor could easily do that when I decided to try your product and discovered the crop feature. It worked easier than Kodak Imaging and was another one of the deciding factors in buying your product.

3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor?

Google and all the hits that mentioned your product. It really only had hits for your product and Multi-Page TIFF Editor when I searched for a TIFF Editor. As noted, your product seems to have had more features.

4) What abilities in your opinion should be added or improved in it?

It seems to have all the features of Kodak Imaging . I will see how all that works for me in the long run.

Thanks for making what seems, with the little tests I've given it, a fairly simple and inexpensive (I wasted a lot of time looking for a "free" product or making what was already in the Windows 7 toolbox work for me) TIFF editor.

David Rabiner

1. I use Advanced TIFF editor primarily for viewing scanned documents. It helps me eliminate storing paper.

2. The most interesting feature is the one I describe above - reordering pages. I also like that I can view an entire folder easily.

Dennis Price

1) I use it to modify engineering drawings in tiff format.  It helps by allowing me to make required changes.

2) The ability to erase entities from tiff drawings and to add lines, shapes, and text to drawings.

Aida Rivera

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

I'm a medical programmer and biller which in my billing practice, download reports from an Electronic Records program through the internet. The images are multipage TIFF files and need to remove a line at the end of each report where the doctor's signature goes and sometimes this line extends to another extra page, so I don't have to sign each and every report, which is not necessary, before attaching them to manual claims and sending to insurance companies.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

Being able to Just go to the last page, select the text to be removed and press delete, the original file is copied as a backup when I save the new one, and print the report, is so easy!

3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor?

Through the internet, practically downloaded and tried every program but they didn't work with multipage TIFF files or were difficult to just select and delete the text I wanted, some of them even though deleted the text, when printed it the "deleted" text even though I don't see it on the screen, somehow remained on the page, or were really buggy and erased pages by themselves, so I had to go back and re-download the files. Advanced TIFF Editor works perfectly!

Wanda van Wyk

1) I use it to open and save faxes.

2) The fact that you can only save certain pages of a fax.

David L. Scott

We are a non-profit medical clinic that provides free health care to people who can't afford to see a doctor. We have recently implemented an Electronic Health Record system and have had all of our "Paper Charts" scanned electronically and we use your product to "Extract" specific pages in the charts so that we can import them into the new EHR system.

Mitch Berger

First of all, I just want to say congratulations on developing a BRILLIANT program. I love it, and I use it every day.

1) What do you use Advanced TIFF Editor for? How does it help you?

I'm a teacher - I use the editor to scan in, and then edit my worksheets before I submit them to my classes.

2) What do you consider to be the most interesting feature of the program?

I love pretty much everything. The noise reduction and auto-crop are probably the most interesting features that I use a lot.

3) Where did you first hear/read about Advanced TIFF Editor?

I searched the Net for months to find a decent Tiff editor to replace the old MS Kodak viewer- and I couldn't find ANYTHING. I was thrilled to eventually stumble across your product.

Gerrit Wielenga

1) We use it for editing old scanned electric schematics.

2) Simply adding tekst in all Fonts and height and adding lines, circles etc. , deskew, remove noise.

Guillermo Maduro

1) I use Advanced TIFF Editor mostly to check the general appearance of outgoing faxes.

2) The program contains many interesting features which frankly, I’m still not too familiar with, but to me one of the most useful is being able to save faxes in a specific file. This was not possible in my Windows XP OS, where there was no way of locating any fax files.

Tony Mastroddi

1) I use the program for faxes.

2) The most interesting features are the ability to view numerous thumbnails at one time, plus being able to Cut and Paste sections and insert new text.

Gordon Brandly

1) I use it to clean up various documents I scan; sometimes for OCRing, sometimes I just store them as plain scanned TIFFs as a backup for my paper copies. Advanced TIFF Editor is the only editor I've found that can conveniently edit multipage TIFF files.

2) The most _important_ feature for me is the ability to easily crop pages, since my scans usually have dark marks around the edges of pages that I want to get rid of. (I also use cropping to get rid of advertisements in magazine articles I scan.) I also really like the antialiased view of zoomed-out pages; it makes them much easier to read.

Ahmad Gabarin

1) I am a professor doing research and I use CD’s containing images of manuscripts’ pages. Some of the images in the CD’s are TIFF. Some are old-style JPEG compression. The Microsoft does not help in such cases and the images do not show. Each CD contains hundreds of images. I tried several TIFF readers but they were un-satisfactory. Your software solved the problem. I thank you.

2) In addition to the above I was pleased to see all the images displayed in thumbnails and I can move between them and print whatever images I need to print. My experience with this viewer is very short. I have just started to use it. But I think that it is a great program.

Aner Selamovic

1) Mostly for editing text in TIFF format.

2) Very simple erase/write function that looks like you put a stamp on a paper, which is very useful and interesting. :)

Tammy Rice

1) Rotating and cleaning up scanned tiff files.

2) google searches after we upgrade to Vista and I could no longer edit tiffs

Aaron Shori

1) For editing Invoice images for OCR testing.

2) The most interesting features are the ease of modifying the text on the images and the ability to preserve the TIFF format compression.

Murray Marien

1) Information Services Corporation ( uses TIFF as the file format for their documents.
I use their services so it helps to have TIFF editor. I also use Microsoft Office Document Imaging for viewing but printing is a problem.

2) Printing a selection of the image. You must have been thinking of me when you added that feature.



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