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There are various Measure tools available for drawing and image files under the Measure menu.

You must calibrate a baseline distance before the Line (Distance), Polyline (Distance), Polygon and Rectangle Measure tools will be available.

When measuring distances, you must first calibrate the scale you wish to use. For example, if the image contains a component with a marked dimension of 2.0 m, you can use the Calibrate tool to measure the dimension line and enter 2.0 as the scale. The Measure tool will now give measurements in the unit of measurement specified. Calibrations are based on the document settings, but you may have to actually modify the measurement units to reflect "meters" or "inches".

Click Calibrate button.
Click the left mouse button on the first then last point in the distance you will be using as the baseline.
Edit the calibration value to use as the scale (the unit that all future measured distances will be based on) and click OK.

Once you have calibrated a baseline distance, the following measurement tools can be selected from the menu:

Distance (Line)
Measures the line (distance) between two selected points based on the calibrated baseline.

Allows you to measure a multi segment line. While using this tool, each successive left mouse click will append a line segment to the polyline.
(Freehand is available)

Allows you to measure a rectangular area.

Allows you to measure a polygonal shape.

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