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The Advanced TIFF Editor can acquire images from any TWAIN and WIA compatible source, including scanners and digital cameras.

File | Acquire command allows to append pages.
File | Acquire Selected command allows to insert image to selected position.

See Acquire Settings

Images can easily be obtained (acquired) from a TWAIN and WIA data source using the following steps:

1. Make sure the scanner/camera and software is installed and configured correctly
Make sure the scanner/camera and software is installed and working properly. Advanced TIFF Editor cannot help with configuring scanner or camera hardware or software. Please contact the manufacturer of the scanner or camera hardware and software for technical assistance.

2. Selecting a Twain source (scanner, camera, etc.)
The next step is to select the Twain source that will be used for the scanning. Open the Advanced TIFF Editor and select the File menu item and then Acquire. The following dialog box will appear:

WIA device

TWAIN device

The dialog box will display a list of scanners, cameras and other compatible TWAIN and WIA devices that can be used with the Advanced TIFF Editor software. Select the desired device and press Select.
Please Note: Every time the Advanced TIFF Editor is shut down and restarted, you must repeat this to step in order to scan a document.

3. Scanning a document and opening it in the Advanced TIFF Editor
Now that the scanner has been selected you are ready to scan. Insert the document into the scanner. This will launch your device software user interface.
See the screen shot below for an example using scanner software from Canon:

Press the Get Pictures button to send the document to the Advanced TIFF Editor. The document will be scanned and opened up in the Advanced TIFF Editor software.

Please Note: Every manufacturer will have a different user interface for their software that comes with their device; however the general idea is the same. For more information on operating the software included with your scanner, please contact the device manufacturer.

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